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Integrating the OpenJDK into jalimo

In 2008 we have gathered some general experience with hacking on the OpenJDK, but until now we never made the step to integrate it into the jalimo project. Now we got the great chance to work for BugLabs in order to get the OpenJDK working on there nice devices (see there announcement). As always: our way is to work on an OpenEmbedded integration, which brings us support for all of our target platforms. The first steps are already done: On the picture, you can see the OpenJDK running a SWT application on the Openmoko gta02. The support for the Bugs, Maemo as well as all the other OpenEmbedded distributions comes along with the integration.
OpenJDK on gta02

So, whats the state and what can we expect? We can build and run the full OpenJDK on all of our ARM/Linux platforms. The build receipts are in our SVN. The OpenJDK is not very fast, because there is currently no JIT-compiler support for ARM in the HotSpot runtime. So, there is much work left for the next year: JIT compiler, downsizing the JDK, testing it with SUNs TCK and perhaps name it Java afterwards ;-)

Much thanks to Robert Schuster and Ken Gilmer for all their great work!